If you would like to start playing amputee football or have a generic enquiry then please email the Football Development Officer, he will signpost you to a suitable club or forward you on to one of our regional officers. For questions about the charity itself please contact the Chairman. If you would like to make a donation or would like to raise funds on EAFA's behalf, then please contact our FDO or visit our Everyclick page.

We look forward to hearing from you, but please be patient if it takes some time to answer your questions, all staff are volunteers and do provide this service in their spare time.

The England Amputee Football Association trustees & staff:

Chairman: Steve Johnson

Secretary & Head of Coaching: Pete Wild

GB Head Coach: Owen Coyle Jnr

National Development Officer: Shannon Howarth

Vice Chairman & FDO: Dave Tweed

Trustees: Ian Clarke, Joel Callister


About the Chairman

After losing his leg Steve Johnson discovered amputee football which helped him turn his life around. Three World Cups and a Hall Of Fame induction later, Steve takes great pleasure in Chairing the England Amputee Football Association charity and promoting the sport to others in the hope that they get the same enjoyment and success that he has. Steve also has a coaching role within the Junior progam and is helping to grow the game worldwide.

Contact Steve:


About the England National Squad Coach

Owen Coyle Jnr. A young and enthusiastic coach with a great upbringing within football that has given Owen experience beyond his age. He served his apprenticeship within Disability & Womens football at Lancashire FA and has since worked with Oldham Athletic Academy & Community Trust and currently enjoys his role within the Blackpool FC Community Trust. Owen has worked his way quickly through the EAFA & amputee football ranks.

Contact Owen:

About the Head of Coaching

Pete Wild has worked in football coaching for many years and took up his role as GBAF coach in the middle of 2011. As a Social Inclusion officer for Lancashire FA Pete has lots of experience in development and coaching around both able-bodied & disability sport. Pete's current role at Oldham Athletic FC has enabled him to bring another level of professionalism to Amputee football. Pete served as GB head coach for 4 years and has now stepped back to take a more hands off approach, advising the charity and lending his wealth of experience to the EAFA coaches.

Contact Pete:

About the National Development Officer

EAFA has had the great pleasure to engage in a partnership with Greater Sport & the FA to provide a part time role to increase participation nationally. Shannon comes from a Sport development role within Greater Sport and we are delighted to have her join the EAFA family. Shannon will be working with clubs & community groups to develop inclusion programs & provide opportunites in areas that we have not chance to engage with to date. NB: Donations from the public do not go towards funding this post.

Contact Shannon:

EAFA Football Development Officer

Dave has been with EAFA since 2001. Over this time he has helped many people get involved in the game and add an extra dimension to their lives. He launched the GBAF project in 2006 and still continues to support England team & EAFA Charity's overall direction & development. If you have any questions about amputee football in any form, Dave is probably the best person to ask.


For general enquiries please contact Dave:

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